New PPMS options – optical experiments and spectroscopy

The PPMS from Quantum Design is a multi-functional measurement platform and well-known for its wide range of measurement options for sample characterization. Preferred measurements are heat capacity, magnetic properties or transport phenomena – all of which are important parameters to analyze and understand the science of physics.

The PPMS now features options for optical experiments and a complete set-up for Raman spectroscopy.

The easiest way to transport light to or from a sample is the Multi-Function-Probe with an optical fiber (MFP-fiber is described on page 5). It consists of a fiber that had been designed to fit perfectly into the MFP. The MFP can be equipped with either one or two fibers. The MFP-fiber can for example be used in combination with electrical measurement and thus provides a set-up for examination of photo-conductivity of a sample. As an alternative, we offer an Optical-Multi-Function-Probe OMFP that allows free-beam access to the sample via optics. The OMFP comes with a positioner that facilitates positioning and for example the exposure to focused laser beams in selected areas.

The Raman option allows spectroscopic measurements in the field and temperature range of the PPMS. The Raman package includes all components necessary for measurements, like laser, spectrograph, optics etc. Integration with the system software Multi-Vu allows the automated collection of spectra.

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Nicolas Tcherbak
Nicolas Tcherbak


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