New spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance spectrometer

NanOsc have extended their portfolio by an FMR with spin-torque technology ST-FMR.
Broadband FMR is suited particularly well for the investigation of magnetic thin films which are used in magnetic memory, sensors, logic and in microwave signal processing. This application is part of spintronics and magnonics.
Broadband ST-FMR allows the analysis of spin-orbit torques. This is normally seen in ferromagnetic or heavy metal structures. Such an analysis is used in SOT-based magneto-resistive random access memories (MRAMs) and SOT-based spin-Hall nanooscillators (SHNOs) for wireless on-chip microwave communication and neuromorphic computing.
The ST-FMR is a turnkey spectrometer with user-friendly software. It comprises an integrated HF source, a bias current source, detectors and lock-in. It calculates the effective magnetization (Meff), anisotropy (K), gyromagnetic ratio (γ), damping (α) and the inhomogeneous broadening (ΔHo). ST-FMR adds the extraction of the spin-Hall angle (SHA) and the damping- and field-like torque efficiency (DLTE and FLTE).

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