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The new Woollam newsletter features a great number of interesting articles:

The Wave Front: Cutting-Edge Applications Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

The text briefly depicts important applications like Perowskite, lithography, optical coatings, lenses and displays and it illustrates which information can be extracted with ellipsometry.

New Instrument: alpha 2.0

The new alpha 2.0 is presented. Read the article on page 1 of this issue.

In Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: Applications to Atomic Layer Deposition

The article gives a short introduction to atomic layer deposition (ALD) and gives examples that show how our in situ ellipsometer provides information during the ALD growth process. The ellipsometer is flange mounted directly to the ALD system and monitors the layer growth in real time.

CompleteEASE: More Complete. More User-friendly.

Only few people remember what the acronym EASE in CompleteEASE stands for: It means “Complete Easy-to-use Acquisition/Analysis Software for Spectroscopic Ellipsometry" – a play on words and tongue twister and at the same time the precise description of what this software platform really is. CompleteEASE provides the best methods to capture spectroscopic ellipsometry data and analyze it with the latest technologies to gain useful results. Woollam continuously improve the user-friendliness and keep enhancing the numerous measurement and analysis functions. The launch of CompleteEASE 6 in 2017 was an important upgrade in regards to functionality and ease-of-use. Based on this great fundament, many features have since been added to simplify features and enhance the scope of functions. This article illustrates some of the improvements that have been implemented last year. To use CompleteEASE, you need a license for every computer that you want to use it on. Each ellipsometer is automatically shipped with 5 licenses so it can be used on up to 5 different computers simultaneously. However, taking advantage of this possibility can lead to certain limitations. In case there are more than 5 users, and some of them only use it occasionally so that a full license seems out of range, Woollam have come up with a new licensing method. CompleEASE can now be licensed  with so-called “floating” licenses that are installed on a network or server computer. This way everyone with access to this network can use.

Spotlight Story: Tom Tiwald's Artistic Legacy Through the Lens of Infrared-SE

Our IR ellipsometry expert Dr. Tom Tiwald talks about how he ended up in ellipsometry and why he still finds it fascinating today.

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Quantum Design Europe
The partnership between Quantum Design and J.A. Woollam began more than 30 years ago. Today Quantum Design sells Woollam ellipsometers across Europe with great success  

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Featured Researcher: Parag Banerjee

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