Zygo – Verifire XL Fizeau-Interferometer for large flat surfaces

The Verifire XL interferometer is a stand-alone workstation designed for simplistic and reliable metrology of large flat surfaces up to twelve inches (300 mm) in diameter. Examples include front-surface reflectors, windows, blocked parts on carrier plates, and semiconductor wafers or wafer chucks.
This fully integrated system is easy to use, with a heavy duty tip/tilt stage that provides repeatable part placement without the need for custom fixturing. The compact footprint, with built-in vibration isolation, requires minimal production floor space. It includes Zygo's patented QPSI acquisition technology which enables reliable high-precision measurements in the presence of vibration. The high-performance transmission flat in the system is designed for minimal sensitivity to gravitational sag, and includes a full-area calibration file to enable optimum system accuracy.
Zygo's proprietary Mx measurement and analysis software offers a wide range of operational features and data visualization tools for unmatched measurement capability in an easy-to-use interface. Region analysis allows detailed evaluation of single blocked parts for surface quality and angle error.

Key features

  • 12" (300 mm) aperture
  • Compact footprint, self-contained system
  • Easy part loading and alignment
  • Simple setup and streamlined operation
  • Built-in pre-aligned transmission flat
  • Integrated vibration isolation and QPSI technology for reliable measurements in production environments

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