Janis Research offers a full line of cryostats, using LN2 or LHe or as closed-cycle refrigerator options. Choose from continuous flow or reservoir systems suited for a large range of applications

Cryostats - Cryostats and Cryomagnets
Cryostats and Cryomagnets

Since 1961 Janis Research Company has been providing the scientific and technical community with the highest-quality cryogenic equipment for research, characterization, and industrial applications. ...

Cryostats - 1.5 K Continuous Closed Cycle Refrigerator Cryostat
1.5 K Continuous Closed Cycle Refrigerator Cryostat

This low vibration pulse tube cryocooler achieves liquid helium performance utilizing cryogen-free technology and a closed-loop system.

Cryostats - 4 K Cryocoolers
4 K Cryocoolers

4K cryocoolers allow you to cool samples, devices and other equipment without the inconvenience and expense of liquid helium.

Cryostats - 10 K Cryocooler
10 K Cryocooler

When combined with an automatic temperature controller, Janis closed-cycle systems become powerful tools for studying the properties of materials over a wide range of temperatures. (These pages ...

Cryostats - SuperTran Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems
SuperTran Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems

The SuperTran series (ST) sample in vacuum models cover the temperature range from <2 K to 800 K.  In addition to general-purpose systems, Janis Research builds ST systems designed for specific ...

Cryostats - SuperTran-VP Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems
SuperTran-VP Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems

The SuperTran-VP series (STVP) provides sample in vapor cooling from 1.5 K to 300 K and higher. It includes a top loading sample probe.  Rapid sample changes are possible, and samples with poor ...

Cryostats - VariTemp Cryostat Systems
VariTemp Cryostat Systems

Variable temperature cryostats with the sample located in a column of static exchange gas. These systems offer excellent temperature stability and are used with LHe and LN2 as needed.

Cryostats - SuperVariTemp Cryostat Systems
SuperVariTemp Cryostat Systems

The SuperVariTemp (SVT) system is the basis for a variety of variable temperature cryostats. Offering quick sample exchange, an operational range of 1.5 to 300 K and highly efficient operation, this ...

Cryostats - Recirculating Gas Coolers
Recirculating Gas Coolers

The SuperTran product line has long been an industry standard for continuous flow cryogenic systems. Now, with the introduction of the recirculating gas cooler, these cryostats can be cooled without ...

Cryostats - VNF Series Cryostats – Sample in Flowing Vapor
VNF Series Cryostats – Sample in Flowing Vapor

Ideal for samples with poor thermal conductivity, the VNF cryostat provides uniform cooling for irregularly shaped samples. Samples are cooled by a temperature-controlled stream of nitrogen vapor, so ...

Cryostats - VPF Series Cryostats – Sample in Vacuum
VPF Series Cryostats – Sample in Vacuum

Simple and inexpensive, VPF cryostats provide a variable temperature sample environment with no valves or adjustments required. Designed with versatility in mind, the VPF cryostat is field-upgradeable ...


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