16. December 2019  - 17. December 2019 : National Centre for Advanced Tribology at the University of Southampton on the south coast of England.

Micro Materials Annual Conference and User Workshop

European visitors can reach Southampton fairly easily by train from the London airports – and the airline Flybe also operates direct routes to Southampton airport from some European cities – see ...
Nanoindentation - Short introduction: nanoindentation
Short introduction: nanoindentation

Instrumented indentation tests, commonly known as nanoindentation, allow the precise application of a defined force of an indenter tip while simultaneously measuring the indentation depth into the ...

Nanoindentation - Nanoindenter

The nanoindenter NanoTest Vantage is a comprehensive nanomechanical testing platform which provides a variety of different techniques such as nanoindentation/nanohardness testing as well as ...

Nanoindentation - Vacuum nanoindenter
Vacuum nanoindenter

The nanoindenter NanoText Xtreme is the first commercially available vacuum-nanoindenter with a unique temperature range, intended to measure at the forefront of high temperature nanoindentation for ...


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