Integration of the Sparrow Quantum single-photon chip with the Cryo-Optic system

Montana Instruments has been well-known to offer excellent vibration stabilities in their closed-cycle optical cryostats.

One of the new developments is the Cryo-Optic X-Plane that provides enough space to integrate optical components in the cold space and directly connect an optical work bench to the cryostat in an enclosed room temperature case.

This system is used to integrate a working single-photon chip from Sparrow Quantum inside to produce single photons of a purity of 96%.

The complete setup includes the monolithic single photon chip, a high-NA objective, optical elements like mirrors and beam splitters, a CCD camera and an LED.

The single-photon nature of the emission was demonstrated by integrating a Hanbury-Brown and Twiss measurement into the experimental setup. 

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Dr. Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach
Dr. Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach


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