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We offer a variety of sensors for monitoring the system and samp-le temperature in a strong magnetic field at low temperatures.
The Cernox thin film resistance cryogenic temperature sensor from Lake Shore Cryotronics is one of the most well-known sensors by far. It shows unmatched performance in magnetic fields and excellent resistance to ionizing radiation. The temperature ranges from 100 mK up to 420 K. Cernox sensors are available in various packages of different shapes and varying form factors. They come in magnetic and non-magnetic versions.
Other new sensor types with negative temperature coefficient are Germanium and ROX (ruthenium dioxide) sensors. We also offer silicon and GaAlAs diodes and platinum PTDs. Our portfolio is completed by capacitance temperature sensors, thermocouple wires and cryogenic accessories.
Together with the sensors, we also offer temperature monitors and controllers. Our temperature monitors use the offered sensors to read out the temperature while being fully compatible with other sensors on the market. With model 224, you can go as low as
300 mK. The 240 series is a unique PROFIBUS DP-compatible temperature module for industrial applications.
Temperature controllers not only read out the temperature of a sensor, but also put power into a heater regulating the temperature to a desired value between dilution refrigerator temperatures all the way up above room temperature. Our cryogenic temperature
controller models 335 and 336 are the work horses in many low-temperature labs all around the globe.
To round off our product range, we also offer cryogenic accessories like cryogenic wires and cables, solders, epoxy and more across Europe.

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Dr. Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach
Dr. Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach


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