New Design for DynoMag

Our AC-susceptometer DynoMag is currently undergoing a facelift and will boast a more compact and optimized housing when it’s done. The more compact design will make changing the sample much easier while the well-proven measurement technology will not be altered.
DynoMag is an AC-susceptometer for measurements over a wide frequency range up to 500 kHz. It can handle powder, solids and liquids. DynoMag is perfectly suited for the dynamic characterization of magnetic nanoparticles. For more information, read the DynoMag article on page 6. By the way, operation of the DynoMag is so simple that it can easily be used in practical trainings for students.

The new design will be available in fall.

More about the AC susceptometer


Dr. Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach
Dr. Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach


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