PPMS – measuring AC magnetic susceptibility at 50 mK

Do you already have the ACMS or ACMS-II option for the PPMS you are using to measure the AC-magnetic susceptibility of your samples? Now you would like to perform measurements in the temperature range to 50 mK? Maybe you even have the Quantum Design dilution refrigerator (DR)?

Then Quantum Design has launched just the right option for your needs: The AC susceptibility measurement option for the dilution refrigerator (ACDR). ACMS measurements give hints on the number of free electrons in a material or the interactions between magnetic nanoparticles in suspension. The AC susceptibility option works in the frequency range 10 Hz to 10 kHz. While the sample is cooled to temperatures in the millikelvin range, the detection coil stays at a constant temperature below 2.5 K.

The four figures show the sapphire sample stage with thermal shield (fig. 1 - 3) and the detection coil (fig. 4). 

The ACDR option is available for both the PPMS and the DynaCool. 

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