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Welcome to Quantum Design Italy

We are one of the leading European distributors of high-tech instrumentation for scientific, academic and industrial research.

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We are a leading European distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components. We offer components and systems used in materials science, imaging, spectroscopy, photonics, nanotechnology and life science research.  We were founded 50 years ago and employ more than 120 dedicated staff across Europe.

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New Product Guide 2023

01. February 2024  - 02. February 2024 Bobadela, Portugal
Magnetism in Portugal 2024
The School of Metrology in Magnetism will be held in the Lisbon area, at Bobadela, Portugal and is ...

14. February 2024  - 16. February 2024 Fuentenueva Campus, University of Granada, Spain
NALS 2024
Nanomaterials applied to Life Sciences

14. February 2024  - 29. February 2024 online
PPMS DynaCool Online User Workshop
This workshop focuses on the PPMS family of systems (DynaCool, PPMS, VersaLab) and is aimed at ...

09. April 2024  - 12. April 2024 Hall A2, 327 - Munich, Germany
Analytica 2024
We will present the following products: In situ sample management for TEM: Our principal ...

21. April 2024  - 24. April 2024 Vienna, Austria
The European conference on non-linear optical spectroscopy is devoted to diverse topics in the field ...

24. June 2024  - 28. June 2024 Athens, Greece
EXRS 2024
European X-ray Spectrometry Conference


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