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Top articles from Edition 41 (1/2024)

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Our new company building – working on a new level

It's time – our new company building with sales, service, exhibition, warehouse, and administration has been occupied and operational since early…


29-year long-term stability of Cernox temperature sensors

The consistent accuracy is of utmost importance for sensors used over long periods of time.

Black phosphorus – A surprise from the world of photon sources

Black phosphorus is a unique optoelectronic material with a strong, tunable emission of mid infrared to visible wavelengths.

Electron microscopy

FusionScope wins the R&D 100 Award in the Analytics & Testing category

Quantum Design is pleased to announce the recognition of its new correlative AFM/SEM microscopy system, FusionScope, with the R&D 100 Award in the…

Light & Lasers

User report – Monochromatic light sources for defect characterisation

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) operates internationally renowned large-scale research facilities and serves as a coordinator and…

Materials science

New partnership with MCQ Instruments - Gas mixers for Life Sciences, Materials Science and beyond

Quantum Design Italy and MCQ Instruments are happy to announce the new partnership between two Italian realities of excellence to offer a wide range…

Important – New MeasureLINK Version – Please update!

New Lake Shore MeasureLINK software has been published in June.

Next conference on nanomechanics coming up!

In the Spring of 2024, our partner MicroMaterials will hold their first real-life conference on nanomechanics for academic and industrial research…

New spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance spectrometer

NanOsc have extended their portfolio by an FMR with spin-torque technology ST-FMR.

PPMS DynaCool user webinars in February 2024

The next QD user workshop will take place in February 2024.

Basics of electrical measurements Part 1 – The correct usage of currenct and voltage

This article is the start of a small series on the basics of electrical measurements.

MPMS and PPMS: Pioneers in the research of room-temperature superconductivity

The search for a room-temperature superconductor is still one of the most exciting endeavors in experimental condensed matter physics.

Measuring thick film stresses

One of the most common systems to measure stress in thin films is using the Flexus from Toho.

Measuring Hall effect made simple

Our partner Lake Shore offers a great variety of systems for measuring the Hall effect.


Semi-custom optical filters

One of the greatest advantages of working with Andover Corporation is that they have a team of engineers for optical coatings, production and…

Web Portal for Inquiries for Andover Bandpass Filters

Andover offers a wide range of standard bandpass filters.


Woollam Newsletter #2023 out now

The new Woollam newsletter features a great number of interesting articles:


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