How to get the most out of your Quantum Design VSM

The Vibrating Sample Magnet­ometry (VSM) technique is quite impressive: it is fast and sensitive, and uses a simple measurement scheme to determine the DC magnetic moment of a sample. The main challenge in VSM measurements is to achieve absolute accuracy.

Sensitivity can easily be determined with the large data sets we get with VSM. This can be further improved by data averaging. To achieve accuracy, however, the actual sample magnetic dipole moment as distinguished from a background signal has to be carefully determined – for example by separately measuring a blank sample, measuring samples of different geometries, etc. What follows is a summary of “best practices” that will allow you to improve the accuracy of your VSM data.

The six golden rules for VSM measurements

  1. Don’t disturb detection coils
  2. Make sample holder “invisible”
  3. Affix sample securely
  4. Correct for sample geometry
  5. Ensure accuracy of magnetic field
  6. Ensure accuracy of sample location

To read the expanded discussion of this topic, which includes detailed best practices for VSM use along with troubleshooting suggestions, please visit the Quantum Design web site and search for the application newsletter „Fall 2014 – How to Get the Most Out of Your Quantum Design VSM“.


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