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To contact heaters and sensors in a low temperature environment, it is important to use special materials suitable for these temperatures. Good electrical conductivity paired with poor thermal conductivity materials are here the materials of choice, like phosphor-bronze. Also, other cryogenic and temperature measurement accessories could be found here, including cable, wire, solder, heaters, insulating and conductive materials.

  • Cryogenic wires and cables
  • Solder for cryogenic application
  • Epoxy and grease for low temperatures
  • Superinsulation, vacuum feedthroughs, cartridge heaters

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Cryogenic wires

  • Single strand cryogenic wire — WSL-32, WSL-36
  • Twisted lead wire — WCT-34
  • Duo-Twist™ cryogenic wire — WDT-32, WDT-36
  • Quad-Lead™ cryogenic wire — WQL-32, WQL-36
  • Quad-Twist™ cryogenic wire — WQT-32, WQT-36
  • Manganin wire — WMW-30 , WMW-32, WMW-36
  • Heavy duty lead wire — WHD-30
  • Nichrome heater wire — WNC-32

Cryogenic cables

  • Ultra miniature coaxial cable — type C, SC, SS
  • Semi-rigid coaxial cable — type SR
  • CryoCable™ — type CRYC


  • Indium foil/solder
  • High temperature solder
  • Ostalloy® 158 solder


  • Low temperature conductive epoxy
  • Stycast® Epoxy 2850-FT, Catalyst 9


  • Apiezon® Grease—types N and H

Cryogenic accessories

  • Heat sink bobbins
  • Beryllium oxide heat sink chip
  • Superinsulation
  • 19-pin vacuum feedthrough
  • 4-lead resistance sample holder
  • Cartridge heaters
  • Electric tape for use at cryogenic temperatures
  • Ferrite bead for high frequency filtering



Coaxial cable
Epoxy and grease
Miscellaneous accessories


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