Infrarotfilter - Standard infrared bandpass filters
Standard infrared bandpass filters

Bandpass filters isolate specific regions of the spectrum, simultaneously providing high transmission of desired energy, and deep rejection of unwanted energy. Available in wide or narrow bandwidths, ...

Infrarotfilter - Standard long wave pass filters
Standard long wave pass filters

Long wave pass filters provide a sharp cutoff below a particular wavelength. Often used for order sorting, they isolate broad regions of the spectrum, simultaneously providing high transmission of ...

Infrarotfilter - Infrared windows and substrates
Infrared windows and substrates

Andover stocks a variety of optical-quality infrared-transmitting substrates. All substrates are optically polished. AR coatings are also available. For convenience, we offer the windows in two ...

Infrarotfilter - Broadband AR coating on germanium
Broadband AR coating on germanium

Andover produces a non-radioactive dielectric multilayer coating designed to reduce the reflection of Germanium substrates in the infrared. Reflection is reduced from 36% per surface to less than 1% ...

Infrarotfilter - Infrared neutral density filters
Infrared neutral density filters

Metallic-coated neutral density (ND) filters obtain their optical density from a metal alloy coating on a substrate determined by the wavelength region of interest. Unlike the all-dielectric or ...

Infrarotfilter - Custom infrared coatings
Custom infrared coatings

Andover Corporation offers optical coatings for the long wave infrared band, on substrate materials such as Germanium, Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Silicon, Sapphire and chalcogenides. Coating types ...


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