Quarz-Linsen & Glas-Linsen

Quarz-Linsen & Glas-Linsen - Bi-concave lenses
Bi-concave lenses

Bi-concave lenses, like the plano concave lenses diverge collimated light and vice versa. Because both concave surfaces contribute to light refraction bi-concave lenses can be made with shorter focal ...

Quarz-Linsen & Glas-Linsen - Bi-convex lenses
Bi-convex lenses

The convex surfaces of these lenses are symmetric with the focal length equal to the radius of curvature. Because of their symmetric shape they have good performance for imaging close to 1 and ...

Quarz-Linsen & Glas-Linsen - Plano concave lenses
Plano concave lenses

Plano concave lenses have negative focal lengths with twice the radius of curvature. They produce virtual images, which can be seen through the lens. They diverge a collimated beam and vice versa. As ...

Quarz-Linsen & Glas-Linsen - Plano convex lenses
Plano convex lenses

Plano convex lenses are the most basic optical elements. They have positive focal lengths and close to the optimum shape for use as collimating condensers and as focussing lenses for collimated ...


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