26. February 2023  - 03. March 2023 Darmstadt, Darmstadtium - booth E0/02

Microscopy Conference

For more than 50 years, Quantum Design Europe has been one of the leading distributors for Electron Microscopy and other high-tech systems or components for research and industry. With 120 employees in 20 European countries, we offer the broadest selection with an exciting mix of suppliers such as DENSsolutions, Hitachi, Quorum, DEBEN or FlowViewTek.The business is spread from long-established corporations on the one hand and innovative start-up companies on the other.

At MC 2023 in Darmstadt we present new developments in the field of cutting edge SEM, sample preparation, in-situ EM and TEM equipment as well as everything you need for your EM sample preparation.

In addition, we will present live the latest Quantum Design development: The FusionScope – an easy to use  correlative AFM and SEM microscopy platform that combines the complementary strengths of AFM and SEM like never before.

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Meet our colleagues:
Dr. Dominic Vogt
Dr. Dominic Vogt
Dr. Andreas Bergner
Dr. Andreas Bergner
Dr. Chris Schwalb
Dr. Chris Schwalb
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