08. September 2020 online

Online Seminar on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Sept 2020

This online seminar offers a short introduction and an overview of the current status of application and research in ellipsometry.

The seminar is devided into 4 sessions covering:

  • Theory & Fundamentals
  • Overview of Applications
  • Data Analysis Examples
  • Overview about J.A. Woollam Ellipsometers

Internet Conferencing

To attend the online seminar, participants must have Internet access so that they can log in to the course via GoToTraining. For audio, attendees can either call one of the numbers provided by GoToTraining at the time of the session or access audio from their computer via a GoToTraining VoIP connection. Participants from the same organization/facility are welcome to attend from a conference room with a shared computer, projector and audio connection.

Registration information

The seminar will start at 9:00 am and will end at 12:30 CET

The number of participants for the online seminar is limited to 45 persons.

After receiving your registration we will send a short confirmation together with a link to GoToTraining registration.

For registration
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