Now available: High-speed camera L-VIT 2500.

Full HD high-speed camera with a full frame rate of 2500 frames per second, in a compact, small housing, specially designed for applications where high forces act on the camera, such as crash tests or outdoor applications. With color or monochrome detector.

L-VIT 2500

L-VIT - a series of ultra compact high resolution high speed cameras. L-VIT are a range of self-containing high speed cameras 1920 x 1080 at up to 2500 fps, ideal for on board automotive crash tests.

When it comes to high speed onboard crash tests this camera leaves no wish open. The L-VIT is tested for 150g /11 msec (all axis) and spikes of up to 200 G. The highly light sensitive sensor is embedded in a powerful electronic with comprehensive I/O functionality for easy and reliable integration to crash tests systems. Additionally IRIG-B synchronization is available. 

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