1.5 kW Laser-Based Floating Zone Furnace

Quantum Design Japan have just launched a new version of their laser furnace for single crystal fabrication.In addition to the version with 2 kW laser power, there now is a version with 1.5 kW. It has 5 lasers with each 300 W for homogeneous temperature distribution in the melting zone. The raw material blank is turned over a rotator and the melting zone is adjusted by moving the blank to create a single crystal. This process can lead to temperatures as high as 2750 °C. The laser beam profile is optimized for crack-free single-crystal growth. The laser comes pre-aligned and does not need to be adjusted by the customer. Compared with IR furnaces with halogen or xenon lamps, a laser furnace impresses with its concentrated energy level in the melting zone, which makes it particularly suited for high-volatility materials. Please check out our website for images of single crystals grown with our laser furnaces.

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Dr. Tobias Adler
Dr. Tobias Adler


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