Good old state-of-the-art: Laser Power Meters from Macken

For more than 30 years, Macken has been our team partner when it comes to laser power meters. Classic power meters (aka “bones”) are still in demand by many users. They provide fast and easy measurements at little cost and effort.

In the meantime, new, digital power meters have entered the market and with help of license-free software, measurements can also be taken and stored online.
NIST-traceable calibrations and continuous calibration services are offered and recommended to ensure reproducible measurements.

In addition, we still offer Macken’s well-established image plates (regular and water-cooled for high powers) to align for example beamline systems in laser plants. The image plates are also quick and easy to use.

Laser spectrum analyzers are critical in the inspection of laser resonators. This unique grating spectrograph visualizes all laser transactions of a CO2 laser at the same time. All analyzers are calibrated in both wavelength and rotational line designation to allow easy identification of 140 possible laser transitions between 9.1 and 11.3 µm. These transitions are visually dis-played using a UV-excited, thermally sensitive screen which darkens in the area struck by the IR laser beam.

Laser spectrum analyzers for CO, HF and DF lasers are standard. Analyzers for N2O and CS2, CO2 carbon isotope and broadband wavelengths are available upon request. The spectrum analysis screen has a response time of 1/4 seconds and allows the instrument to resolve all the CO2 rotational lines.  Model 16-A is light, portable and can easily be integrated into laboratory setups.

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