Recirculating cryocooler for "wet" cryostats

The recirculating cryocooler from Janis release “wet” cryostats from their dependency on liquid helium. Janis RGC4 series combines the advantages of cryo systems with open and closed cooling cycles.
Instead of cooling the samples directly through the cold head of the cryocooler, a secondary cooling cycle is set up and the cold head of a classic “wet” cryostat is cooled. This has several advantages:

  • Same flexibility and convenience as a continuous-flow cryostat without liquid helium
  • Quick sample change without warming up the RGC4 cooler
  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Low vibration

Pulse tube and GM coolers are available with 1 to 2W at 4.2 K. The system also includes a gas handling system and dry scroll pump for gas circulation.
Compatible cryostats are:

  • optical ST-100
  • non-optical ST-200
  • compact ST-300 for use in a magnet
  • UHV configuration ST-400 and
  • microscopy configuration ST-500 and the ST-500 based probe station

Please contact us to discuss whether your cryostat from Janis or a third party provider is compatible with the recirculating cryocooler.

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Dr. Tobias Adler
Dr. Tobias Adler


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