CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras for imaging

Highly-sensitive, scientific imaging cameras based on CCD, EMCCD or sCMOS sensors from the innovator in camera technology, Andor Technology. Common features are their high-sensitivity in the UV and visible range. Thermo-electric cooling and high-quality AD converters reduce noise to allow application even in extreme low-light conditions.

22. August 2022  - 25. August 2022 Przegorzały (near Krakow), Poland


The 15th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science
Markus Krause would be happy to welcome you in Przegorzaly and present our range of cameras and detectors VIS - X-ray. Specially the new Marana-X, which offers high speed, high sensitivity and high ...
CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras for imaging - CCD cameras with shutter
CCD cameras with shutter

Our CCD camera section offers high-end cameras for demanding scientific applications. Front and back illuminated CCD sensors with optimized anti-reflection coatings convert more than 90% of the ...

CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras for imaging - EMCCD cameras
EMCCD cameras

For ultra-sensitive imaging applications, Andor Technology offers the EMCCD cameras iXon Ultra 888 (1024 x 1024 x 13 µm pixels) and iXon Ultra 897 (512 x 512 x 16 µm pixels) with USB interface. The ...

CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras for imaging - sCMOS cameras for physical sciences
sCMOS cameras for physical sciences

The Balor, Marana, Zyla and Neo sCMOS cameras are an advancement of the well-known CMOS technology for scientific applications. Due to their special characteristics, they are suitable for many ...


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