Andor Launches New Version of its Popular Zyla sCMOS Camera

With ZL41 Wave sCMOS, Andor Technology presents the successor to its popular Zyla sCMOS camera. The latest model of the small sCMOS cameras from Belfast is more robust and powerful than ever before. Particular attention has been paid to a new design of the sensor chamber, which provides for longer service life with minimal service requirements.
With a quantum efficiency of up to 82% and a readout noise of <1e-, up to 100 full frames per second - as before - can be achieved with both sensor variants of the ZL41 Wave.

Another innovation is the spectroscopy mode, which is now a standard feature, working with a data depth of up to 32 bits. Optimised quality control processes lead to improved image quality.
One application example for which the ZL41 Wave is the ideal choice is that of large sky surveys. In this field, large arrays of low-cost, high-performance ZL41 Wave cameras are used to continuously and quantitatively monitor huge sections of the night sky, looking for photometric or astrometric changes or occultations across a range of time-resolutions. Occultation in this context refers to the passing of a seemingly larger celestial body in front of another one. Whether used to detect Near-Earth Objects (NEO), track orbital debris or look for exoplanets, ZL41 Wave 4.2 provides for highest sensitivity and facilitates detection of smaller objects or occultations. Alternatively, the model ZL41 Wave 5.5 features a true global shutter, which may be important when tracking moving objects relative to a reference background of stars.
With SDK wrappers for Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB and other programming languages, as well as compatibility with ASCOM, EPICS and TANGO-LIMA open-source physics platforms, Andor Technology offers its usual broad software support on Windows and Linux.

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