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Team building and more

In May, our company trip took place at the beautiful Seehotel in Niedernberg.

Merck company run 2023 – we were there again

This year we participated again as a team in the Merck company run.

May I introduce myself?

My name is Miriam Wendel. I have been part of the accounting team at Quantum Design

since November 2020.

Product Training – finally live again!

After a long break due to the Corona pandemic, the product training finally took place again in April on our premises in Darmstadt.


Thanks to Sample Space, OptiCool Can Be Expanded to Feature a High Magnetic Field Sample Station

When it comes to experiments requiring low temperatures, high magnetic fields and low vibrations, the range of cryostats that can be used is not…

Janis cryostats

More than two years ago, Janis Research has become part of Lake Shore. Since then, Lake Shore Cryotronics has merged the portfolios to offer…

Model 372 – Resistance Bridge and Temperature Controller

The video link below give a detailed insight into the Lakeshore resistance bridge and temperature controller model 372.

Cryogenic temperature measurement – sensor installation techniques for success

Lakeshore Cryotronics is well known for their low-temperature measurement products, like the Cernox sensors and the model 336 temperature controllers.

Electron microscopy

Do you have difficult AFM and SEM samples?

Our FusionScope provides you with a completely new analysis system in the field of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and electron microscopy (SEM).

New Publication by AFSEM user Wood K Plus

The Austrian Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH is one of the leading research institutes in the area of wood and wood-related renewable resources in Europe.

Quantum Design‘s FusionScope at Conferences and Trade Shows Worldwide

In September 2022, Quantum Design's latest product FusionScope was presented to the public at the Micros and Nano Engineering (MNE) Eurosensors in…

DENSsolutions celebrate their 10th anniversary

There is no need to introduce supplier of high-end in situ TEM systems DENSsolutions electron microscopists around the world.

FusionScope project meeting

In December Quantum Design US hosted a FusionScope project meeting at the QD headquarters in San Diego.


Andor Launches New Version of its Popular Zyla sCMOS Camera

With ZL41 Wave sCMOS, Andor Technology presents the successor to its popular Zyla sCMOS camera.

New NIR Camera from Xenics with High Sensitivity and Low Noise

With its new InGaAs camera, Xenics, as a manufacturer of detectors and cameras, responds to the needs of our customers. Wildcat+ 640 features Xenics'…

Materials science

Counting down to 2 Kelvin – the clock is ticking...

This article depicts the fastest way to reach a sample temperature of 2 K or -271°C with the Quantum Design DynaCool.


Web Portal for Inquiries for Andover Bandpass Filters

Andover offers a wide range of standard bandpass filters. To make it easier for you to select the right filter, we have set up a web portal.


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