Cryogenic temperature measurement – sensor installation techniques for success

Lakeshore Cryotronics is well known for their low-temperature measurement products, like the Cernox sensors and the model 336 temperature controllers. If you are new to this world or simply want to see our experts install a sensor in a cryogenic application, please follow the link below. It conleads to tains the recording of a webinar on the correct installation of a sensor in a cryogenic application and on how to avoid common installation errors, all presented by Lakeshore scientist Scott Courts.

The Webinar topics include:

  • Considerations for choosing a sensor (including resistance to magnetic fields, ionizing radiation, UHV, and others)
  • The role of packaging and adapters for shielding, mounting, stability, and optimal thermal contact
  • Considerations for sensor installation (placement, mounting method, materials, electrical connections, heat sinking, thermal contact medium, etc.)
  • A look at the choices for fastening materials, wire leads, thermal mediums and adhesives

The webinar can be found here.

If you have a special application and would like support in selecting the right sensor, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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