DENSsolutions celebrate their 10th anniversary

There is no need to introduce supplier of high-end in situ TEM systems DENSsolutions electron microscopists around the world.  In the market of MEMS-based, ultra-stable in situ TEM systems, they are one of the few big players. For years, they have been awarded regularly for their high quality products and innovations, the last award being the MSA Microscopy Today Innovation Award 2021. We are the proud sales and support partner for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Italy and are send a heartfelt Happy Anniversary.

Well-known for their innovative spirit, DENSsolutions not only threw parties in their home regions Delft and Rotterdam, but also invented a unique drink: A handmade gin made from 10 selected ingredients forms the basis, which is mixed with tonic water, ice and a thin slice of cucumber to finally become
The GIN Situ!
The image of an atomically resolved gold nanoparticle at 1000 °C adorns the bottle label. This image is one of the first to have been taken with the DENSsolution in situ sample holder Wildfire about 10 years ago. It gives a great impression of the ultra stable performance of their systems. The positions of the gold atoms on the label have been overcoated with gold foil so that the microscopic world becomes macroscopically tangible. A dignified gift – We say thank you!

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