New NIR Camera from Xenics with High Sensitivity and Low Noise

With its new InGaAs camera, Xenics, as a manufacturer of detectors and cameras, responds to the needs of our customers. Wildcat+ 640 features Xenics' in-house developed and produced 640 x 512 pixel, 20 µm pixel pitch InGaAs sensor. This detector offers particularly high sensitivity with low noise, thus allowing for much shorter integration times or less extraneous light. Thanks to this detector with a readout noise of less than 45 electrons and a high full-well, a high dynamic range of up to almost 70 dB is achieved. For camera control and data output, either a CameraLink may be used or a USB3 vision interface. Wildcat+ 640 is compatible with GenICam, which provides for easy integration. The Wildcat+ 640 series offers a high frame rate. Full frame rates of 300 fps can be achieved. In the windowing mode, in which the number of pixels read out can be reduced, the camera even achieves readout rates of more than 7000 frames per second.
For versatile use in research, the Wildcat+ 640 operates in two readout modes: "integrate while read (IWR)" and "Integrate then read (ITR)". In addition, the camera is equipped with 2 trigger inputs and 2 trigger outputs for optimised use in experiments or industrial processes.

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