Semi-custom optical filters

One of the greatest advantages of working with Andover Corporation is that they have a team of engineers for optical coatings, production and mechanical engineering.   
The fact that they can coat in house makes them the ideal partner for optic production. It ensures consistent high quality and short production times. Andover engineers can either use a coating from their stocks or make a customized coating to your specifications. Ultra narrow band filters, edge filters, beamsplitters and imaging optics from UV to well into the IR – high performance coatings are of great value.
In the past 45 years, Andover have worked with thousands of customers and produced millions of filters for a variety of applications, from prototypes to large bulks.  No matter if you need 5 or 5000 filters – we can help you.

Developed to your specifications

  • Ultra narrow bandwidths to 0.15 nm
  • To bandwidths of 100 nm
  • All at semi-custom prices

More about bandpass filters


Stéphane Marin
Stéphane Marin


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