Andover UV Bandpass Filters for Sterilization

Ultraviolet (UV) light has been used effectively for line-of-sight sterilization of rooms, objects, and skin for over a century, but these higher energy photons can also cause severe sunburn and skin ...
Filtres - Standard bandpass filters and sets
Standard bandpass filters and sets

Andover offers one of the most extensive selections of bandpass filters in the industry, including many of the primary laser, mercury, biomedical, and analytical spectral lines. We use a proprietary ...

Filtres - High-transmitting bandpass filters
High-transmitting bandpass filters

Andover now offers a high-transmittance variant of its standard bandpass filter selection. By tailoring the blocking range to match the detector, we can provide maximum possible throughput while ...

Filtres - Hard coat broadband filters
Hard coat broadband filters

Our first-surface, hard-coat, broadband filters employ magnetron sputtered, hard-oxide coatings deposited on Borosilicate Glass and do not utilize any absorbing filter glasses, making them suitable ...

Filtres - Semi-custom bandpass filters
Semi-custom bandpass filters

Thanks to a large inventory of components, Andover Corporation can fabricate and deliver higher performance commercial quality bandpass filters to your specifications as soon as 5-10 days from receipt ...

Filtres - Monochromator order sorting filters
Monochromator order sorting filters

Order sorting filters from 300 nm to 11,5 µm for monochromators.


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