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In May, our company trip took place at the beautiful Seehotel in Niedernberg. The trip offered a packed two-day program that provided a diverse experience for all participants. On the first day after our arrival, we attended seminars on "Efficient Stress Management" and "International Project Work". Both seminars offered the opportunity for optimization and self-reflection, which was very valuable for our professional growth.
After the seminars, we were able to end the day with a cozy dinner, where we could relax and share our impressions of the day. The dinner also gave us the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and make new contacts.
On the second day, the focus was on team building. Small teams were given the challenge of solving puzzles in a so-called "black box". This not only promoted team spirit, but also the creative problem-solving ability of each individual. After successfully completing the tasks, we headed to the marketplace in Großostheim, from where we took a hike to the Höflich winery.

During the hike, we were entertained by Mr. Hartmut Hasenkopf with interesting stories about the area. This not only offered us a pleasant change of pace, but also created a relaxed atmosphere in which we could exchange ideas with our colleagues. In addition, we were treated to light snacks and refreshments to keep our energies up.
As a crowning finale, we were invited to a final dinner at the Höflich winery. This evening gave us the opportunity to review the experiences and memories of our company trip. It was a great time that we greatly appreciate and are grateful for. The company trip allowed us to develop personally and professionally, strengthen team spirit and build valuable relationships with our colleagues.



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