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Top articles from Edition 37 (12/2021)

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Quantum Design Microscopy – The new development team in Darmstadt for correlative microscopy in the nano world

Hello everyone – we are the new ones! Quantum Design Microscopy is a newly formed research and development group in Darmstadt, Germany.

May I introduce myself?

My name is Simone Heck. Since October 2019, I have been in the marketing team of Quantum Design.

New service technician at QD

My name is Konstantin Voigt, since March 2020 I have been working as a service technician at Quantum Design in Darmstadt.


The CryoAdvance – The next generation of the Cryostation optical cryostat

For ten years now, the Cryostation from our partner Montana Instruments (MI) has been the first choice for sensitive optical measurements.

Electron microscopy

Let's make more space in our lab – the AFM in SEM

Our development department for GETec's AFSEM, i.e. Quantum Design Microscopy, wants to create space in the new laboratory in Darmstadt, and for this…

AFSEM nano – The world's most versatile in-situ AFM for correlated analyses in your SEM

AFSEM nano is the logical advancement of the innovative AFSEM concept. The newly developed measuring head is lighter, more compact and more powerful.


New high-power X-ray sources from Moxtek

The new Moxtek HPC150W 60 kV and HPC350W 75 kV X-ray tubes are designed to be used in XRF and imaging applications.

Ceres – Thermography by Xenics

With its Ceres series, Xenics offers a new uncooled thermographic camera for temperature measurements in the range of -20°C to 400°C.

NIR compact camera Bobcat 100 GigE in stock!

The Bobcat320 with its 320 x 256 pixel InGaAs detector and GigE interface is still our most popular all-round camera.

Hyperspectral analyses – (Almost) as easy as a cell phone shot!

Our ultra-compact, all-in-one hyperspectral camera Specim IQ guides you accurately through the acquisition and evaluation of hyperspectral analyses.

Light & Lasers

Neonatal jaundice – Controlling bilirubin therapy lighting

After birth, the body of the newborn infant breaks down excess red blood cells. During this process, the yellow-brownish pigment bilirubin is produced…

Materials science

PPMS and M91 – More flexibility for the measurement of electrical properties and Hall effect

Insiders will probably think that electrical measurements in the PPMS/DynaCool are not at all new.

Tips and tricks – New book about magnetic measuring methods for material characterization

The book covers the most common methods for characterizing magnetic material properties and shows interesting application examples.

VSM measurements – Measuring magnetic moments independent of sample geometry

The most common method to determine the magnetic moment of a material is the vibrating sample magnetometer. When using this method, the sample…

Toho stress tools offer improved algorithm to correct apparent reflection angle change

The optical cantilever beam technique utilizes a laser beam which is scanned across the sample substrate.

A comprehensive study of an artificial spin ice using CryoFMR and NanoMOKE

Researchers at the Imperial College London who work with magnonics have done comprehensive studies on artificial spin ice. To do this they used the…

Germany's first PPMS-16 is located in Dresden

Our coolest research system is surrounded by a beautiful baroque environment!


The new dual-wavelength MicroWriter – Optical nano/micro-photolithography for high demands

Our supplier DMO introduces the dual-wavelength option, a customized system aimed at lithography labs that work both with UV varnishes as well as with…


Autonomous vehicles – Optical filters for LiDAR applications

LiDAR is a sensing method that detects objects and maps their distances by sending an optical pulse at 905 nm or 1550 nm to the target and measuring…


Relative orientation of 2D semiconductors

Researchers at TU Dortmund University have determined the relative orientation of atomic 2D semiconductors using "second harmonic generation".


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