High-resolution mapping for low atomic number elements with AttoMapTM

Sigray’s AttoMapTM system for X-ray micro-fluorescence (micro-XRF) has a patented design for precision compositional analysis: this allows the analysis of almost all elements of the periodic table. The intrinsic advantages of the micro-XRF technique are maximized by the performance of the AttoMapTM system, the only micro-XRF system on the market capable of reaching resolutions below 5 µm and tracing elements up to Boron (B) at sub-ppm levels.


Comparison between compositional analysis techniques


The AttoMapTM system combines the advantages of the micro-XRF technique with the development of Sigray’s patented X-ray optics and sources, with brightness about 50 times higher than traditional XRF sources. Those gains confer to the AttoMapTM system “synchrotron-like” micro-XRF analysis capabilities. Furthermore, Sigray’s X-ray sources are incorporated with an automated multi-target to optimize the acquisition of the elements of interest, thus covering a large range of elements in the periodic table.


Patented design of Sigray’s AttoMapTM syste 


Thanks to the flexibility of the installed components, the AttoMapTM-310 system’sversion allows the simultaneous mapping of elements from Boron (B) through Uranium (U), by processing elemental maps even for very thin and/or low atomic number samples. This is possible thanks to the patented “grazing angle” mode, which overcomes the X-ray escaping depth and widens the interaction region for a more intense output signal.

Grazing angle X-ray regions of interaction with AttoMapTM


This mode allows the acquisition of a wide range of samples without losing in resolution capabilities.

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