Image the unseen – 700 bpm heartbeat of a mouse scored with MPX3

Cancer research, biomechanics and drug testing are just a few examples of X-ray imaging contributing to biology and medicine research. New photon-counting detectors represent a severe advancement to these applications compared to previously used methods. The energy sensitivity of modern cameras opens better possibilities for identifying individual types of tissue and contrast agents. That has significant consequences in various industries, for example, cancer research, where the tumor tissue can be better distinguished from the healthy one.

MediPIX 3 (MPX3) cameras from ADVACAM are based on Si or CdTe sensors with edgeless technology, allowing placement of sensor tiles tightly together from all sides. Thus, the whole imaging area of the camera is fully sensitive to the radiation, as there are no gaps between the tiles in the image. Each pixel has two integrated 12-bit digital counters and two energy discrimination thresholds. The counters store number of registered particles (e.g., X-rays with energy above the selected threshold). MPX3 cameras allow acquiring X-ray spectral images with very high contrast and wide dynamic range. Therefore, even low contrast structures such as plastic or soft tissue are easily detectable in the obtained images.

Leveraging the unique capabilities of ADVACAM’s imaging cameras, real-time visualization of dynamic processes within organs and tissues is recordable. The exceptional speed of MediPIX3 cameras enable capturing thousands of X-ray images per second with high sensitivity, creating high-speed X-ray videos of live inner organs and tissues. This technology allows for incredible detail, such as observing a reptile’s blood flow or a mouse’s fast heartbeat. Additionally, this method can monitor the movement of contrast agents within the body in real-time, providing valuable insights of dynamic organ functions, including kidney, brain, muscles and joints.



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