Imaging with Sigray’s PrismaXRM: the Cheetos Case

The sub-micron 3D CT PrismaXRM developed by Sigray is the most versatile system on the market, designed to meet the needs of busy central research facilities. Because these laboratories often encounter a vast variety of sample compositions and sizes, Sigray has incorporated multiple software-selectable settings to allow the use of different X-ray sources and detectors within the same system. This allows optimized scan parameters for every type of sample: from metals to intact batteries, but also low atomic number samples such as polymers and biological samples.

The PrismaXRM is a flexible and full-customizable system. It incorporates the latest developments in X-ray technology: X-ray source, optics, and detector technologies. The system features two X-ray sources: a leading nano-focus design plus the optional Sigray’s patented multi-spectral source. All is combined with several switchable detection options: from high throughput flat panels (LFOV) to ultrahigh resolution small-pixel detectors.

Thanks to the flexibility of the system and the wide range of samples that can be analyzed, nothing will be a mystery anymore: using the PrismaXRM, also Cheetos can be imaged! The 3D data clearly shows the internal porosity of the corn puff (responsible for crunch), the 3D oil distribution (for mouthfeel), and the quantity of surface salts (for deliciousness). Yum!



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