Li-Ion Battery Chemistry with Sigray QuantumLeapTM, a Laboratory X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy System

X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS has demonstrated its powerful ability to analyze battery materials, such as the chemical states of transition metals in batteries. The Sigray QuantumLeapTM  represents the first system that provides synchrotron-like XAS capabilities with minimal acquisition times. Lithium-ion batteries were analyzed with this system.


Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are the dominant technology of rechargeable battery technology, with an unparalleled combination of high energy and power density. Two primary types of chemistries are used in LIBs: LFP; Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt Oxydes (NMC). The latter possesses high charge rate but short life span.

Advances in the cycling of NMCs are continuously achieved while their chemical origins can be difficult to establish. Studying oxidation states provides critical insight into underlying mechanisms.

An innovative approach

Sigray's QuantumLeapTM product line for X-ray absorption spectroscopy represents the first line of laboratory XAS instruments with synchrotron-like capabilities. The QuantumLeap product line features several patented technologies, including:

  • Ultra-high brightness x-ray source
  • Acquisition approach
  • System design

In this report, Sigray QuantumLeapTM was applied to three NMC battery cathodes: NMC333, NMC622 and NMC811 to demonstrate how the laboratory XAS system by Sigray can provide excellent energy resolution to discriminate between minute changes in the oxidation state of battery materials, enabling the development of lithium-ion battery materials and processes straight in your lab.


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