The future of field spectroscopy is now. Spectral Evolution, the leading Massachusetts-based spectroradiometer manufacturer, launches a new high-resolution, high-sensitivity UV-VIS-NIR spectroradiometer specifically engineered for fieldwork.

The new NaturaSpecTM spectroradiometer for remote sensing applications offers the best signal-to-noise performance in a field instrument on the market today, giving users the ability to collect lab-quality data in situ without the need for sample preparation.

NaturaSpec was developed as a portable version of Spectral Evolution high-resolution laboratory spectroradiometers. This instrument joins a full line of field-portable spectroradiometer models, including the PSR-1100f, RS-3500, PSR+, and RS-8800. NaturaSpec rounds out this line with the highest sensitivity for the best quality data of any field-portable spectroradiometer on the market.

From optics to enclosure, the entirety of the new NaturaSpec spectroradiometer is engineered for fieldwork:

  • Solid-state photodiode array detectors with no moving optical parts come standard on a rugged chassis to ensure toughness and provide excellent stability and repeatability of measurement in the field.
  • In case of damage to the fiber optic cable, you can replace it right in the field - no need to send the instrument back to the manufacturer. Rugged, metal-clad fiber optic cables with a keyed connection ensure no loss of calibration if replacement is needed.
  • The redesigned, field-ready enclosure features exterior bumpers, a carrying handle, and a dust-proof case coated in a high visibility red color providing peace of mind as you carry your instrument on field campaigns.
  • Best in class, TE-cooled photodiode array detectors are carefully selected and tested to ensure the highest sensitivity and spectral resolution in the infrared range.
  • DARWinTM Data Acquisition software ensures that every spectral scan collected is optimized for the best signal-to-noise ratio possible. Dark-current correction is automatically applied to every scan, and each detector is independently exposed to the signal at the optimum integration time. No tedious manual optimization is ever required to ensure outstanding, repeatable data.

“The NaturaSpec is the first spectroradiometer that brings the high spectral resolution of laboratory instruments to field measurements. Its innovative and rugged design ensures high-quality and repeatable spectral data. It offers the optimum balance between spectral resolution and sensitivity, resulting in the best signal-to-noise ratio performance of any other spectroradiometer on the market," says Nicolas Venjean, Sales & Marketing Manager at Spectral Evolution. "Spectral Evolution is excited to bring this technology to the remote sensing community who will undoubtedly adopt this new standard of spectral data quality for years to come.”


Spectral Range350-2500nm
Spectral Resolution2.7nm
Spectral Sampling Bandwidth0.6
Detector(s)1024-element UV-enhanced Si Array
Two 512-element extended TE-cooled
InGaAs Arrays
CalibrationFactory calibrated for radiance/irradiance
using NIST traceable sources
Noise Equivalence Radiance
(1.2m fiber optic)
Software IncludedDARWinTM SP Data Acquisition
Power7.4V, 28W
Dimensions (in/mm)12.4 x 8.7 x 4.4 / 314.9 x 220.9 x 111.7
Weight (lbs/kg)12.6 / 5.7
InterfaceUSB, Bluetooth
Minimum Scan Speed100ms
Wavelength Reproducibility (nm)0.1
Wavelength Accuracy (nm)±0.5 bandwidth
Automatic ExposureYes
Shutter for Dark ScansYes


The new NaturaSpecTM spectroradiometer is now available worldwide and sold as a bundle so you can gather your mission-critical data without delay.

The NaturaSpec remote sensing bundle includes:

  • NaturaSpec spectroradiometer
  • DARWin TM SP Data Acquisition software
  • Ergonomic pistol grip fiberoptic holder with external triggering and Picatinny rail
  • 5x5 inch reflectance standard in a protective, tripod-mountable metal case
  • Extended capacity rechargeable battery and battery charger
  • Pelican rigid foam-lined protective case
  • Custom padded backpack
  • 1.5-meter metal-clad fiber optic with SMA-905 input connector - removable- 25° FOV
  • NIST-traceable calibration of 25° FOV fiber optic cable
Ing. Fabrizio Renzi
Ing. Fabrizio Renzi


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