Autonomous vehicles – Optical filters for LiDAR applications

LiDAR is a sensing method that detects objects and maps their distances by sending an optical pulse at 905 nm or 1550 nm to the target and measuring the reflected return signal. Since conventional LiDAR system architectures use dedicated transmit and receive apertures, the resulting package has a relatively large footprint. However, leveraging polarization techniques can miniaturize the size of the optical subsystem. In addition, LiDAR systems routinely utilize narrow-band pass filters in both the transmitted and receiving path to improve the system signal-to-noise ratio.
Andover Corporation's self-reliant manufacturing approach places us in the optimal position to quickly provide customized prototypes of polarizing beamsplitters with unique angular performance characteristics to meet your LiDAR needs. With our 15 coating chambers, we can offer coating solutions from the UV range down to 15 µm. We also provide in-house manufacturing for coating fixtures, customized mounts, cutting, coring, shaping and polishing for a vast array of substrate materials.
We provide standard bandpass filters that work with the common laser wavelengths used with most LiDAR systems, including 532 nm, 905 nm, 1064 nm, and 1550 nm.
This enables Andover Corporation to support both the development of new products and the production of optical sensors for the automotive industry. We offer customized engineering to provide superior and cost-effective solutions. Our extensive experience with image-quality bandpass filters, broadband AR coatings and polarizing beam splitters makes us an ideal partner for supplying the automotive industry with optical sensors. Our vertically integrated factory with in-house coating, manufacturing, optical assembly and testing capabilities can provide customized solutions at shorter lead-times.

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Ing. Fabrizio Renzi


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