Have you noticed how the prices for helium have increased again since the beginning of this year? Many working groups feel this in their budgets. Here is the good news: All who already use a gas recovery system and spend more than 75,000 € per year on helium can now benefit from our new helium liquefaction offer: Leasing an ATL-160+.
Sign up for a 5-year leasing contract and save valuable cash. The monthly rates for the ATL are lower than the monthly costs of liquid helium – a maintenance contract and gas purifier are already included in the price. The liquefier is fully paid off within five years and you have no extra costs for helium. After five years, the liquefier is yours without ever applying for the corresponding budget.
Advantages in a nutshell: No application for budget needed. The ATL is paid for by money that was already planned in for the purchase of liquid helium.
Please note that the liquefier will need to be maintained. However, the maintenance and operating costs are just a fraction of the price you pay for liquid helium right now.
By the way, leasing an ATL-160+ is worth the while even when you also need to invest in a recovery system. In this case, the monthly lease rate is a bit higher than your monthly helium costs. But again, after five years the system is paid off and you save the monthly expenses.
Do you want to know more? Please ask us for a quotation.

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Dr. Simone Paziani
Dr. Simone Paziani


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