Double monochromators according to customer specifications

We now offer double monochromators for applications where the standard stray light suppression of our single monochromators is not enough. Just like our single units, our double monochromators may be customized with a variety of different options.Depending on the specific requirement, our systems can be connected in both an additive and subtractive way. Even more than with single monochromators, a double monochromator system highly depends on a precise and synchronous control of the grating towers.

This is why all LOT monochromators use a precision gear and stepper motor with micro controller that can easily be operated via USB interface. To easily integrate the system into an existing measuring setup, we provide a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) in addition to standard Windows software.

Our SDK comprises LabVIEW, Visual Basic, C++, Matlab, and Delphi programing samples.

Multiple entrance and exit slits can be controlled via the provided software through motorized collimating mirrors, thus allowing fully automated measurements over a wide range of wavelengths.

We also offer filter wheels for order sorting filters (for applications with continuous entrance spectra), motorized slit units, a large number of optical gratings, and our great range of different light sources.

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