Dynamic Fizeau interferometer combined with motorized metrological station

LOT-QuantumDesign France now boasts 15 years of experience in optics characterization with Zygo laser interferometers. Zygo have developed a new technology to perform precise dynamic metrology of optics. The instrument called DynaFiz is a Fizeau interferometer based on a new design and a new technology which allow the dynamic control of optics.

To answer the need of a French optics plant, LOT-QuantumDesign has led the integration of the DynaFiz into a two-meter motorized vertical metrological bench.

This combined interferometric station will be used in production control like all Fizeau interferometers to measure flatness, transmitted wavefront, and radius of curvature. But its main task will be the real time optimization of optical assemblies.

Precise dynamic measurement is the key advantage to produce complex high-quality optical assemblies more easily and thus faster.


More information on DynaFiz from Zygo



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