Introducing – The Quantum Design application lab in Darmstadt

Do you already know our low temperature and magnet laboratory with a number of measuring systems from Quantum Design?

At our lab in Darmstadt we provide a Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) and a SQUID magnetometer of the third generation (MPMS3). Both instruments are used for sample characterization with magnetic fields of several Tesla and temperatures of close to the absolute zero. They also serve as reference for hundreds of PPMS and SQUID-VSM/MPMS3 systems in the field.

Measurements are taken fully automatically and also serve as reference.

The systems are available for all kinds of measurements by interested users. You can measure transport properties of new materials (thermal and electric), determine magnetic properties like DC moment and AC susceptibility or use them for calorimetric characterization. We always look forward to exciting samples and applications. Measurements in our application lab also help select the correct system configuration for your particular application. This saves money and valuable time.

We also offer contract measurements.

Our application lab is also frequently used by our colleagues from the Quantum Design service department. They use it to evaluate system errors reported by customers or to check spare parts and components for their functionality. Whenever time allows it, we also play around with options and try new ideas for further developments. Interesting customer applications are always a great source for innovative measurement concepts, for example magneto-optic setups or the measurement of electric conductivity under the influence of light. One product that fills us with great pride is the automated switchbox ASB102. The box arbitrarily permutes the wire contacts during electric 4-wired resistance measurements.

Last but not least, our lab is used for experiments to optimize measurement sensitivity in relation to the measurement time. We rely on our in-house expertise on the use of light sources and imaging devices, develop programming scripts to automatically master complex measurement tasks or to integrate third-party instruments in our Quantum Design systems.

How about you? Do you have an interesting sample or an intriguing idea for measurements at low temperatures or high fields? Please contact us – we look forward to testing it out!

Temperature range 1.9 – 400 K

 1.8 – 400 K

Magnetic field range ±9 T ±7 T
Measurement options VSM, ETO, HC, TTO, ACT, DC AC, FOSH
Special features Cryogen-free – EverCool-2

 Cryogen-free – EverCool



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