Looking close – LOT-QuantumDesign photo competition at the Microscopy Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland

With 500 participants and a huge exhibition from manufacturers and distributors, the Microscopy Conference in Lausanne was the most important conference for electron microscopy in German speaking countries in 2017. Again, LOT-QuantumDesign also parti­cipated on behalf of our electron micro­scopy suppliers. 

For all prospects and customers, we had a special idea this year: With special objectives for smartphone cameras (for example fisheye lenses), visitors to our booth were asked to take pictures. The most original picture was then awarded the first prize by our staff members. 

And the winner is: The Working group around Prof. Klingl from the Biocenter of the University of Munich. They have been awarded a special token of progressing miniaturization: 

a LEGO TEM for their desktop. 

Congratulations to Prof. Klingl and his group and thanks to all who participated for great pictures!

Your electron microscopy team

Andreas Bergner, Dominic Vogt and Julien Dumouchel



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