New high-power X-ray sources from Moxtek

The new Moxtek HPC150W 60 kV and HPC350W 75 kV X-ray tubes are designed to be used in XRF and imaging applications. Depending on the type, the tube voltage is 10 - 65 kV or 70 kV, tungsten and molybdenum are available as "targets".
The tubes are air-cooled, and the cooling (either 12 or 24 VDC) can be adapted to meet specific needs. The push/pull fan configuration makes it easy to direct the warm air outward. For XRF applications, the "cone" is designed for a vacuum seal at its base.  The HPC tube incorporates radiation shielding.
On request, it comes with external high-voltage power supply.

Typical applications

  • High-power XRF - light elements
  • Scrap metal sorting
  • XRF thickness gauging
  • Portable medical imaging
  • Food inspection

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