Our partner LEJ present their portfolio – high-performance illumination and power electronic solutions

LEJ is your provider of high-performance illumination as well as power electronic solutions in the fields of microscopy, analytics, semiconductor, industry and medical technology. 

Besides its comprehensive portfolio of brand products LEJ offers the highest degree of flexibility and speed to bring customer-/application-specific products to the market. World-known OEMs count on LEJ as their system provider for e.g. laser and system power supplies, LED high performance controller as well as partner for contract assembly of complex opto-mechanical and opto-electronical sub-assemblies and systems. 

With LUXYR and AMPYR LEJ markets two proprietary-developed lines of standard products, utilized specifically in microscopy applications. Especially in demanding fluorescence, but also in routine transmitted and reflected light microscopy applications the xenon, mercury and (multi-channel) LED light sources are employed worldwide. 

The entire range of brand products can be customized according to customers and applications. By providing a modular design as well as an intelligent roadmap-based development platform, LEJ allows such customization to be conducted in a very short time (time-to-market) and at reasonable costs. 

Light sourceHighlightsApplications
LH-LED 100Instant on/off (start up time 1 s) Homogeneous illumination  Fits all common microscopes  No light guide required, direct connection to the microscope Excellent color reproduction Safe investment thanks to a long service life of more than 50,000 h Fanless, no vibrations, noiseless cooling  Fast exposure thanks to flash function
  • Microscopy (replacement of halogen & xenon lamps up to 150 W) 
  • Semiconductor manufacturing 
  • Industry 
LQ-LED 180Homogeneous illumination from 6 LEDs 
Unmatched uniformity
 6 independently switchable wavelengths 6 LEDs can be switched simultaneously or in any combination 
No dichroic beam splitters, no filters, no power loss
Accurate intensity control in 1% increments 
Safe investment thanks to a long service life of more than 50,000 h
  • Fluorescence microscopy 
  • Image processing  
  • Semiconductor manufacturing  Material testing  
  • Endoscopy  
  • Forensics  
  • Colormetry
FOLED-MODULLuminous flux greater than 1,600 lm
3 different color temperatures are available: 5.600 K, 7.000 K and 7.800 K
Maintenance-free operation over 30,000 h 
Flash operation up to 50 kHz ideal for image processing 
High light intensity and optimal color reproduction  Low-noise cooling 
Multi-level dimming for unrivaled illuminance 
Safety circuit with shutdown function by system integrator
  • Endoscopy 
  • Microscopy 
  • Inline inspection
  • Image processing
LED-PULSE-CONTROLLERSimple adjustment to your lighting system by precise
setting of the current intensity, delay and lighting time
 Flash and continuous operation of high-power LEDs and LED groups
2 or 4 independent constant current outputs with full parameter
Lowest overshoot, highest pulse stability control 
Configuration via Ethernet via the internal web server
or via USB directly from the user software
Robust and reproducible control for lighting systems
  • Industrial image processing
  • Camera-controlled inspection 
  • High-speed LED lighting
  • Forensics
  • Safety


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Ing. Fabrizio Renzi


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