Rethinking electrical measurements

Imagine this scenario: Your colleague shows you the setup of a new electrical measurement task. It’s basically a compilation of various components: AC lock-in amplifier (company A), current source (company B), voltmeter (company C) and picoammeter (company D). All components and the sample (Device under Test – DUT) are connected by commercially available cables.
With their M81 series, Lake Shore have developed a solution that does away with many potential issues that come with a setup like that:
All components come from the same manufacturer, they are fully modular and flexible, and the wiring is optimized. M81 systems can be used from DC to 100 kHz and feature 3 channels which can be synchronized.

The M81 series is called Synchronous Source Measure System. The M81 instrument is the core element. You can connect up to three source and measure modules each. Voltage and current are provided on either side, so you can configure your measurement setup as needed and easily change and adapt it later for
other measurements.
A state-of-the-art tiltable touch display allows easy and intuitive operation even when the device is used upright. Do you want the data in your computer? No problem! The included basic software MeasureLINK helps you process data inside your PC. MeasureLINK also allows you to link to Lake Shore’s temperature controllers and magnet systems and provides a general SCPI driver.
Possible applications are DC transport (current/voltage curves, 4-wire measurements), AC transport (AC resistance, AC Hall effect) and electrical characteristics (photodiodes and transistors, components).



Dr. Simone Paziani
Dr. Simone Paziani


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