World’s fastest cryogenic refrigerator released – The ADR option for the PPMS

On September 3rd, 2014 Quantum Design Japan and Tohoku University launched  a press release for the  introduction of  the “World’s fastest < 100 mK cryogenic refrigerator ADR (Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator) for PPMS”. The ADR option is a co-development of Quantum Design Japan and Prof. Dai Aoki, at the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku Uni­ver­sity.

This ADR has been designed for the QD PPMS, E/C II, and DynaCool platforms, decreasing the PPMS temperature range down to < 100 mK from room temperature in < 3 hrs for DC resistivity measurements.

Without the ADR, large dilution refrigerators are required to reach less than 100 mK from room temperature and they take much more time to do so. The supply of liquid helium is getting more and more uncertain. The QD ADR helps minimizing the use of it thus eliminating the risk of shortage.

  • Extends the PPMS temperature range to < 100 mK in 3 hours
  • Compatible with the QD PPMS, E/C and DynaCool platforms
  • DC resistivity measurement
  • Two samples measured simultaneously
  • Simple operation principle without mechanical movement
  • Simple process to < 100 mK


PPMS requirements

  • High vacuum option
  • DC resistivity


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Dr. Simone Paziani
Dr. Simone Paziani


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