Andor HoloSpec – On-axis high throughput imaging spectrograph

Working with challenging photon fluxes? Need results in milliseconds, not minutes?

The superb light collection efficiency capabilities of the superfast F/1.8 Andor Holospec spectrograph platform provides a perfect match to Andor’s ultra-sensitive CCD, EMCCD and ICCDs detectors, offering the most sen­sitive and versatile detection solution on the market for Visible or Near-Infrared spectroscopy.

The Andor Holospec is the ideal solution for collecting more light and achie­ving better signal-to-noise ratio fas­ter, which is critical for applications such as micro-Raman mapping, microflui­dics, real-time medical diagnosis (point-of-care analysers) or stand-off bac­te­riological agents or explosives de­tec­tion. The Holospec also offers aberration-corrected optics for excellent multi-track capabilities, with high density fibre optics to enable simultaneous acquisitions with extremely low crosstalk, even on narrow spectroscopy sensors.

The rugged and compact design makes it the ideal tool for challenging industrial or in-the-field applications, while still offering research-grade performance suitable for academic research.


  • Up to 6.5x better light collection efficiency than traditional 1/3 m Czerny-Turner designs due to lower F-number (F/1.8)
  • Perfect for fibres with NA = 0.22
  • High transmission single volume phase holographic grating
  • On-axis imaging-corrected design for superior spatial resolution and high density, low cross talk multi-Low stray light
  • Special Raman grating options also available


Markus Krause
Markus Krause
Dr. Thorsten Pieper
Dr. Thorsten Pieper


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