Characterization of magnetic properties – new VSM features

The Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) by MicroSense is a measurement system to characterize magne­tic properties like DC magnetization. Different magnetic fields can be set, depending on the magnet pole gap. MicroSense offers the EZ-VSM series to facilitate this: EZ7, EZ9 and EZ11. The latest member to the EZ-VSM family is EZ8.

Apart from well-established features like sample rotator, temperature control, vector magnet, torque option and magneto resistance option, EZ8 offers even more measurement options. One is an enhanced magneto resistance op­tion that allows not only DC, but also AC measurements. This way, the electrical resistance of the sample can be measured as function of the field, temperature, in dependence of the angle to the magnetic field, sample current and time.

A similar brand-new option facilitates magneto-dielectric measurements to mea­sure the magnetic properties of the sample while it is subjected to electric voltage. Just like the magneto resistance option, the magneto-dielectric mea­surement option is comaptible with the temperature option.

Maximum magnetic fieldEZ7EZ8EZ9EZ11
At 4 mm pole gap2.35 T2.65 T2.8 T3.2 T
With temperature option1.8 T2.05 T2.2 T2.7 T

Another new feature is the magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE). With the MOKE option, ultra fast magnetic properties can be measured on samples with very low signal. Measurements both parallel and perpendicular to the sample surface are possible. Kerr-effect measurements can be performed both polar and longitudinal.


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