Hyperspectral imaging with drones - Specim AFX series

With the new AFX series, Specim has developed a state-of-the-art hyperspectral camera solution for the sophisticated drone market. AFX10 covers the VNIR range 400 nm - 1000 nm which is interesting in agricultural, geological and water sciences. Core of the AFX10 is the leading-edge, compact hyperspectral imaging camera FX10 with 1024 pixels which is integrated in a microcomputer and high-end GNSS/IMU unit. All parts are fitted into a rugged case with a total weight of less than 2.5 kg. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in a variety of drones with or without Gimbal.
The AFX10 also allows the selection of determined “regions of interests” on the detector. This reduces data volume and further increases the already outstanding frame rate of 330 Hz, if multispectral instead of hyperspectral images are taken.

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